• AcaciaWater Wars 2013

    Today we just had our first ever, AcaciaWater Wars philanthropy event, and may I just say it went amazing! All the money that was raised will be going...Read More

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Officer Information

A fraternity is more than just brothers, there are positions within a fraternity each with their own responsibilities and duties. This page consist with a brief detail of each position along with the brothers who hold those positions. 

Officers List

Cody Hughes
Venerable Dean

David Stewart
Junior Dean

George Tsounos
Recruitment Chairman

John Hornyak
Chapter Advisor

Josh Higby

Mike Beda
Senior Dean

Patrick Cassidy

Zachery Faust
Risk Manager

jamaire alexander

Officers Positions

Venerable Dean (President)
       The president position is a noble and exciting opportunity to lead strong men. He is the executive head of the chapter which includes authority and responsibility. 
Senor Dean
The Junior Dean
Scholarship Chair 
The Treasurer
Risk Management
Rush Chairman

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Posted by Gregg Stofko on May 6th