• AcaciaWater Wars 2013

    Today we just had our first ever, AcaciaWater Wars philanthropy event, and may I just say it went amazing! All the money that was raised will be going...Read More

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About Us

We are a fraternity that tries to not only gain experince through college and life, but we are a family that will neither die  tomorrow nor in the future. Please take your time to look at the history of not only our local chapter, but our national chapter as well. 

IUP Acacia

Acacia Fraternity History

Acacia Fraternity was founded on May 12, 1904, by a group of 14 Freemasons attending the University of Michigan. Acacia's founders established the fraternity on a unique basis. Membership was restricted to those who had already taken the Masonic obligations, and the organization was to be built on the ideals and principles inculcated by the vows taken by Master Masons. Within one year, four other Masonic clubs received Acacia charters, paving the way for rapid expansion.

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IUP Acacia Chapter History

The Acacia chapter of Indiana University of Pennsylvania was founded in April 12, 1996. 

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